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Im not feeling very well lately... having a mixture of emotions in me all at one time... due to all the 'dramas' in my life :(
For one my younger brother keeps bugging me T^T
secondly due to my co-curriculum activity [im in a marching band xD] taking too much time, i dont have time to do homework and study >.< and that means little time for drawing too T^T
and lastly well this is the worse ! someone stole my design ><>< and becuz of this im feeling anger and sadness at the same time >< now i considered posting online but... well haha
and tomorrow i have to go overseas not for vacation but for CCA purposes T^T
well that my messy life... hoping it will fix itself before the end of this year >< and wishing for a better year next year!
LOL i dont know why im tearting this like my dairy... but it doesnt matter. right? haha xD
another thing, im wondering if i should draw an Xmas special??? hmm...
if i even have time that is .... T^T



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